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Essor Equipments

Galeries Botour Local 73, -
Contact Phones : -,+24315120373

Founded in 1996 by Mr. Gabriel MBEMBA MAKUTA, its administrator has Manager, the RISE-EQUIPMENT Etablissements come to this day as an essential partner in the fields of Education at both Primary and General Secondary, Technical and Professional, at the level of Universities and Research Centers; in the field of Health, Environment and Environmental Sanitation, Land and Development and the Social. Currently, RISE-EQUIPMENT Institutions work closely with humanitarian organizations working in Africa, as well as state and para-state health institutions, development NGOs, religious denominations. In Kinshasa, the administrative office is located at 11 Boulevard Sendwe in the commune of Kalamu. The RISE-EQUIPMENT Institutions have, in addition, a local outlet of the Building 73 Botour (ex. Kin Center) in Kinshasa / Gombe.

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