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Milla Group

2,, Bai Bureh Road,
Contact Phones : +232 (0) 76 674550,+231 (0) 886747536
Web Address

Milla Group (SL) Ltd. was incorporated in 2001. From that time onwards, Milla took great strides in its initial years to set up injection moulding, roto-moulding, blow moulding and extrusion lines. 

Milla prides itself on continually striving to achieve these following objectives:

•Ensuring water conservation is prevalent and affordable throughout the geography of Sierra Leone.

•Actively reducing the environmental impact of waste through providing garbage disposal solutions.

•Providing reliable and cost-effective household plastics for the everyday local consumer to use in their home.

•Creating bespoke and safe packaging solutions for food, water, grains and liquids.


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