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Catholic University Madagascar

BP 1023Antananarivo MADAGASCAR, BP 1023Antananarivo MADAGASCAR
Contact Phones : +261) 2053 324 54 ou 322 44,+261) 2053 324 54 ou 322 44
Web Address :www.ucm.mg
Since the creation of the UCM, 675 students have graduated from Master 2, a thirty students are currently pursuing in Europe, their studies in technical colleges or graduate schools. More than a dozen doctoral theses prepare in France, Switzerland and South Africa. The history of the Catholic University of Madagascar dates back well before the country's independence. In fact, the building is now over ninety years. In 1916, Major Seminary of Antananarivo is based. It incorporates in its training philosophy in addition to theology. Transferred Ambatoroka on the hill in 1930, is headed by French missionaries. In 1952, the Grand Séminaire becomes a Regional Seminar on the island of Madagascar, affiliated with the Faculty of Theology of the Pontifical Gregorian University (Italy) in 1956.

Fianarantsoa University

BP 1264 Fianarantsoa 301 Fianarantsoa Madagascar, BP 1264 Fianarantsoa 301 Fianarantsoa Madagascar
Contact Phones : +261 (20) 75 508 02,+261 (20) 75 508 02
Web Address :www.sarua.org
Madagascan Higher Education began by the implementation of law courses in Antananarivo in 1947.To this languages courses, sciences, medicine and pharmacy were added under French universities leadership. These studies were gathered within the Institute of the High Studies of Antananarivo in 1955 which generates, at the independence period, in 1960, the National Founding of the Higher Education and then the University of Madagascar which contained 723 Students with 483 Malagasy ones. Since this time, the secondary schools increase over the Island automatically conducted to the students number one, and gradually the necessity to set up higher education establishments at all provinces apart from Antananarivo was not circumvented. The Regional University of Toliara, in the southern region of Madagascar was the first one opened in 1970 outside the Capital and remained the only one until 1977.

Higher Institute of Communication, Business and Management Madagascar

IV N 68 A Ankadifotsy, Antananarivo, Madagascar, IV N 68 A Ankadifotsy, Antananarivo, Madagascar
Contact Phones : (261) 20 22 22 4 88 – (261) 20 22 25 6 27,(261) 20 22 22 4 88 – (261) 20 22 25 6 27
Web Address :www.iscam.mg/en/
Our vision Created in 1990, the High Communication, Business and Management Institute the Institut Supérieur de la Communication, des Affaires et du Management (ISCAM) is the first completely private establishment in the higher education in Madagascar. Our vision is to be the best Business School in Africa. Our mission Fort of the spirit pioneer which drives him/her, ISCAM settles as main mission to contribute to the development of a harmonious and prosperous Malagasy society as well as to the international brilliance of Madagascar, and this, through the training and the research for excellence. Our values Our fundamental values are built around the excellence, the respect and the integrity. The excellence “I am demanding for the success by improving me and by constantly looking for the quality.” For that purpose, I: • Look for a better result of satisfaction • Go up to the end of my commitment with perseverance and rigor (consciousness and motivation) • Give the best

Higher Institute of Technology Antananarivo

BP 1712 - bntananarivo 103 - Madagascar, BP 1712 - bntananarivo 103 - Madagascar
Contact Phones : (225),(225)
Web Address :www.ist-tana.m
Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Madagascar

National Institute of Public Health and Community

BP 176 - Befelatanana Antananarivo 101 - Madagascar , BP 176 - Befelatanana Antananarivo 101 - Madagascar
Contact Phones : +261 20 22 257 01 , +261 20 22 257 01
Web Address :www.sante.gov.mg/
Specialization in Public Health in Madagascar was created in 1994. The medical graduates of State were admitted by competition there. A Certificate of Public Health Studies (CES) their was awarded after four years of study. Given the effectiveness and efficiency of these new specialists, the training center specializing in Public and Community Health (CFSSPC) was formalized by Decree No. 98-146 of 12 February 1998. The objective was to train Doctors Inspectors health districts to become doctors Graduates of Special Studies in Public and Community Health, after two years of study. The project was supported technically and financially by several partners, including among others the WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA, GTZ, USAID, the Department of Cooperation and Cultural Action French, under the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Higher Education of the time.

Polytechnic Higher Institute of Madagascar

Ambatomaro Antsobolo Antananarivo MADAGASCAR, Ambatomaro Antsobolo Antananarivo MADAGASCAR
Contact Phones : +261 33 09 848 96 +261 34 36 406 05 +261 32 66 870,+261 33 09 848 96 +261 34 36 406 05 +261 32 66 870
Web Address :www.ispm-edu.com/
A website has become a means of communication that is both modern and rational. MIPS in this site is intended to provide most of its history and especially its activities. Its activities are primarily educational, but also concern the research, as any higher academic institution. We hope that through this website, you will better appreciate our objectives that are geared towards excellence. Indeed, we have always placed a priority excellence in the training of our young people currently occupying increasingly important positions in all sectors such as the economy, industry, administration, education and research. On Wednesday, January 23, 2013, ISPM celebrated its 20th anniversary, this site will be our ideal medium to communicate to you the various events related to the anniversary. We invite Businesses that proposals for jobs and who are interested in ISPM the students to send them to the Email: ispm.mada@gmail.com. Thanks for your help. Dear Internet, ISPM hope you will

University of Antananarivo

campus Universitaire d'Ankatso, BP 566 Ambohitsaina Antananarivo 101 Antananarivo Madagascar, campus Universitaire d'Ankatso, BP 566 Ambohitsaina Antananarivo 101 Antananarivo Madagascar
Contact Phones : +261 (20) 22 326 39,+261 (20) 22 326 39
Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Madagascar

University of Antsiranana

BP O Antsiranana 201 Antsiranana Madagascar, BP O Antsiranana 201 Antsiranana Madagascar
Contact Phones : +261 (20) 82 925 96,+261 (20) 82 925 96
Antsiranana is a former province of Madagascar with an area of 43,406 km2. It had a population of 1,188,425 (July, 2001). Its capital was Antsiranana. A diversity of ethnic groups are found in the province, including Anjoaty Sakalava, Antakarana, Tsimihetu, Antemoro, Betsimisaraka, Antandroy,

University of Mahajanga

5 Rue Georges V Mahajanga 401 Mahajanga Madagascar, 5 Rue Georges V Mahajanga 401 Mahajanga Madagascar
Contact Phones : +261 (20) 62 90834,+261 (20) 62 90834
Created in 1977, the Graduate School of Dentistry (ESCD) was the first Regional University Center of the province of Mahajanga. Medical and natural science courses were opened in 1982 to train together, in 1983, the University of Mahajanga3. The first rector of the University of Mahajanga was George Raoelina 1979-1990. The current president of the University of Mahajanga is Professor Antoine RABESA Zafera.

University of Toliara

601 Toliara, Madagascar, 601 Toliara, Madagascar
Contact Phones : (+261 20) 94 417 73,(+261 20) 94 417 73
The University of Toliara is historically the oldest center for higher education, founded in 1971 after the decentralization of the University of Madagascar center. The university campus is located in Maninday 5 km east of the city, and teaches Humanities and Social Science, Science, Philosophy, and Management (the latter located next to the Cedratom). The University of Toliara's Faculty for Teacher Training (ENS) and Institute of Agriculture and Hydrology (IST) is currently working with the NGO Big Red Earth to explore educational innovations in the areas of agriculture, civic engagement, and sustainable development. Faculties and Institutions Ecole Normale Superieur (ENS) Institut Superieur Technology (IST) IHSM Faculty of Letters Faculty of Biology

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