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Sigi Damu Realty

ZRNY, Derriere le 26 Mars Route
Contact Phones : 0022367393390,0022379696588
Greetings! We are a property management company operating in Mali. Our company is called Sigi Damu Realty or SDR for short. For more information, please check our website, The information provided is in French so far. However, you can use the email provided in the contact to write the manager whowill get back to you in English or in French, depending on what you prefer. We are looking for national or international partners to invest together in real estate, to manage properties, to develop real estate or undertake any other businesses that may be profitable to all parties involved. For those who are in need of apartments, houses, offices, etc. SDR is available to help you get what you want at reasonable costs. We are looking forward to serving you. Sincerely, Mr. Sinaly DEMBELE MANAGER Sigi Damu Realty Yirimadio ZRNY derrière le Stade du 26 Mars Route des 759 logements Bamako, Mali B.P. E 3381 Tél. : (+223) 7969 6588 / 6739 3390 manager@

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