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Supports a teamwork capable and motivated. 

It keeps customers satisfied and confident. 

It creates shareholder value. 

It is attentive to social and environmental responsibilities.


Corporate Purpose

The ENACOL is a limited liability corporation that is engaged in the marketing of fuels and lubricants.

"According to the resolution of the Shareholders General Meeting held on 26 of November 2008 the company has as its principal object the import, processing, distribution, transportation, storage, sale and re-export of hydrocarbons and their derivatives, including bitumen , base oils and lubricants, the operation of storage facilities, as well as their intra primary transport infrastructure and inter-island, receiving, handling, filling and shipment of liquid and gaseous fuels, the operation of fuel stations and service areas , vehicle assistance, production, distribution and marketing of other forms of non-fossil energy, in particular solar, wind, hydro and other renewable sources, exploitation of their premises, as well as other industrial, commercial, research or provision of services relating to this major subject. The company can also participate in society of any nature and object associations, complementary groups and companies and international groupings of economic interest. "



Acting on the energy market across the country, safe, innovative and efficient way, becoming the best choice of service to customers, activity for employees and investment for shareholders and providing the country, wealth creation and sustainable development.



We believe in a Cape Verde with energy for all, sustainable, where we are market leaders in energy sources and recognized as a reference company. Principles and Values


· Customer Focus 

· Employee Appreciation

· Confidence in relations with the Company

·Social responsability

· Harmony with the Environment

· Mobility of Changes


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