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We Offer Personalized Honeymoon & Vacation Planning:

Your honeymoon is too important to leave in the hands of computer. Ones wedding can be the most special day of their life. However, the Honeymoon is also a very special event of ones life.

Our Services:

Unforgettable Honeymoons continues to grow in our services because we take the time to find out your needs, desires and preferences are. We listen carefully and then suggest travel packages and itineraries that closely match what you are hoping and dreaming your trip will be.


A bride has enough on her mind with all of the details involved in planning her wedding, so trying to also deal with planning a honeymoon can sometimes be stressful, and often it winds up left until the last minute.

It's never too early to start planning your honeymoon vacation, and working with a Honeymoon Planning Service. like Olympia Travel Agency, ensures that no detail will be overlooked. Whether you use our service, or do all the planning yoursefl, staring organized will help ensure that you enjoy what should be one of the most memorable trips of a lifetime.

Feel free to use this checklist to help you get through this very busy time:

5-8 months prior:

•Discuss your honeymoon ideas with your finance. Be sure to talk about your budget, where you might like to go , and what activities you might like to do - anything from sightseeing to sports to spa visits.

•Discuss which honeymoon locations you can consider that will accommodate not only your budget, but what you both want, even if you want different things.

•Now is also a good time to begin working with a personal honeymoon consultant at OTA , who is experienced and can help you choose the ideal honeymoon location based on your budget, needs, and desires.

•Also, if you don’t have a passport or need to renew your current one, now is the time to do check with OTA customer service. Don’t’ wait until the last minute.

3-4 months prior:

•Confirm your honeymoon reservations and send in any required deposits.

•Start thinking about your packing list(clothes, items necessary to the climate to where you’re going) , and find out what travel documents will be necessary.

2 months prior:

•Many honeymoon destinations require final payments 30-60 days ahead of arrival – be sure these are done and that you get confirmation of payments made.

1 month prior:

•Make sure you have the luggage you’ll need, and the camera you’ll want to take.

•Photocopy itinerary, travel documents (tickets, passport), and leave copies with friends or purse, then store them in the hotel room safe.

1 week prior:

•Start packing. Now is the time to make sure that everything will fit in your luggage and what you need to adjust in your packing. Don’t wait until your wedding night, when you’ll be exhausted.

•Check your camera and be sure it has a fully charged battery – don’t forget to get extra batteries and memory cards.

Day of departure:

•Double-check to make sure you have all your tickets, passport, and drivers license, currency, and call your airline to re-confirm your flight one last time before you leave. Allow plenty of extra time for security check-in procedures (at least 2 hours), due to all the new regulations.

•Don’t forget your driver’s license! If you’re planning to drive in a different country, you will need it to apply for a temporary international driver’s license, check outOTA international driver license.


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