FAQ about Africa 2 Trust

Question. How do I benefit if I already have a website?
  • Answer:

    Unlike your own site running within your own domain where you can claim to be anyone doing anything, YOUR INFORMATION within www.africa2trust.com is verified by the Africa2Trust team for validity and therefore can be TRUSTED!

    In addition to that:

    1. You automatically get a standard banner containing your website address and all other contact details plus your logo. This banner appears on all your pages within your www.africa2trust.com internal site.
    2. All your products, services and jobs join directories for the different categories they fall within the www.africa2trust.com platform hence increasing your visibility.
    3. You can also publish your information in different languages within the www.africa2trust.com framework.
    4. Unlike your site that you have to market yourself, you benefit from the marketing campaigns of www.africa2trust.com.
Question. How do I Subscribe?
  • Answer:

    You can subscribe by clicking the "Pay Online" link on the top right corner of this page. You will see the different subscription packages. Follow the procedures to make your payments online.

Question. What are the subscriber benefits?
  • Answer:

    A complete standard, dynamic and interactive website within www.africa2trust.com with the following:

    1. About Us (Company Profile)
    2. Vision & Goal (of your company)
    3. Objectives (of your company)
    4. Free contact form for all your www.africa2trust.com visitors who may want more information from you about anything you deal in or offer. You get an automatic email notification whenever you are contacted.
    5. FAQs (Frequently asked questions plus answers about your company/organization/institute)
    6. Image Gallery
    7. Jobs Available
    8. Articles/News
    9. A banner on your internal www.africa2trust.com website pages, containing your logo plus your contact phones, fax, email, physical address and your actual website address running within your own domain.
    10. An online shopping solution and ordering solution for your registered products
    11. Free content and image gallery publishing solution.
    12. Have their products registered in the different categories they fall within www.africa2trust.com framework. Each product gets a complete page for its full description.
    13. Have their services registered in the different categories they fall within www.africa2trust.com framework. Each service gets a complete page for its full description.
    14. Free Job publishing solution
    15. Free content management panel to help you manage all your company content and images within www.africa2trust.com
    16. Free products management solution and services management solution for the registered products and services
    17. FREE African Online Web directory listing
    18. FREE African Online Contacts directory listing with you company logo reflected.
    19. World-Class SECURITY
    20. Above all, you join the league of CREDIBLE companies/organization/institutions in Africa that can be TRUSTED.
Question. What is the big deal about www.africa2trust.com?
  • Answer:

    www.africa2trust.com is an e-commerce and e-business platform for Africa and the friends of Africa. It offers CREDIBLE companies and organization in Africa a unified platform to market, create business networks, consultancy and partnerships and very importantly to sell their products and services to the international markets. It’s is a platform for mainly the following three(3) groups of people:

    1. CREDIBLE companies/organizations IN AFRICA looking for:
      • Clients within and outside Africa
      • Investors within and outside Africa
      • Partners within and outside Africa
      • Outsourcing opportunities within and outside Africa
      • Agents within and outside Africa
    2. ANY (individual, company, organization or government) within or OUTSIDE AFRICA looking for CREDIBLE companies, organizations and government institutions for the following possible opportunities:
      • To buy products
      • To outsource a service
      • Agents
      • Partnerships
      • Synergies
    3. Tourists looking for:
      • Tourist spots
      • Country facts
      • Embassy numbers
      • Emergency numbers
      • Costs of living

    In a nutshell, www.africa2trust.com unites all African countries while at the same time promoting tourism, e-commerce and e-business.

Question. Who can subscribe to www.africa2trust.com?
  • Answer:

    Who can subscribe to www.africa2trust.com?
    Any company, organization, individual, institution based in any African country and dealing in any products or offering any services can subscribe if they meet the following requirements.

    1. All companies/organisations MUST be registered in their respective countries.
    2. They MUST have a physical address and we MUST get details of atleast one director
    3. Membership to a professional institution or association is an added advantage.
    4. Only approved products and services are reflected on the internal sites for the companies/organisations
    5. The only GIS maps reflected are those approved and uploaded by our GIS partners to ensure correctly.